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The Importance of Writing Skills for Education Majors – English Companion Ning

With the new Common Core standards, the concept of College and Career Readiness has comprehensive importance for teachers in all content areas. Writing across the curriculum isn’t just a nice idea, it’s becoming more commonplace and expected. The ability to write concisely and coherently will serve new teachers well when planning assignments, writing tests, responding to parent and colleague communications, and when representing themselves as professionals to others. The more a person develops the ability to speak in print, the more that confidence, clarity, and voice will transfer to their speech. Strong writing skills convey a sense of intelligence and professionalism while weak skills (for better or for worse) cast the poor writer as lacking intelligence or as poorly educated. Even a misused comma can cause some parents to question and critique. I’ve been there–having to justify my use of the Oxford comma!

As a professional, there is nothing more important to my development than my ability to reflect and write about what is happening in my classroom and in my mind as I teach or reflect on the results of my teaching. Writing allows me to track my growth and understanding over time in a purposeful, meaningful way. I share a daily recap of classroom learning in a blog for both students and parents. This communication tool has cut down on the amount of email and phone calls I have to make during my prep. The blog also helps me build a relationship with families through the written word, so when we do need to talk about something face to face, I am not just another voice. Parents feel as though they already know me, what I stand for, how I teach, and how I assess because of my daily communication.

Lastly, as the world grows more social through media, the written word may be the only way others will know who we are. I know I want my words to make a good, lasting impression that will represent me well. Our students will be working in a global economy and occupied with international relationships. Writing well will only help model for our students what it means to be a global citizen.

via The Importance of Writing Skills for Education Majors – English Companion Ning.


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